10th Mid Summer Night Concert

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                                                                               10th annual Mid Summer Night's concert
                                                                                       Saturday September 7, 2019
                                                                                       3938 Skycrest Dr., Pasadena

                                                                         Benefiting the Upper Hastings Ranch Association

                                                                                    and Dedicated to The 9/11 Victims

International, National and local Artists: Guest Artist, Victoria Fatu, pianist, Yin Yin Huang, pianist,Tina Chang Qu , violinist, Ling Yan, cellist , Arpy Aintablian, soprano, Tim Gonzales, tenor and Edwin Hayrapetian, vocalist ,will take part in the 10th annual Mid Summer Night's concert and perform:

Victoria Fatu:

Chopin: Nocturne C sharp minor Tchaikovsky: Dance of the Sugarplum Plum Fairy Andante Maestros Khachaturian: Saber Dance.

Yin Yin Huang, pianist, Tina Chang Qu, violin, Ling Yan , cello ( Harmonium Trio )

Saint Saens, Havanaise for violin and piano Serge Rachmaninoff , Sonata in E b Major , cello and piano Dragon Dance by Su Ti Chen Pastoral by Sha Han-Kun, cello and piano

Tim Gonzales Tenor, " songs ": 1. Granada, 2. Lord's Prayer, 3. Jurame .

Arpy Aintablian Soprano , " songs ": 1- Aghavniner by Souren Mouradian 2- Knaragan, Lyrics by Sarmen and Music by S. Tcherpashian, 3- Sirous Gesbasem. Lyrics by Karig Pantourian and Music by Khatchadour Avedisian

Edwin Hayrapetian , " songs " Persian melodies

Special Appearance By: Sophie Fatu

International buffet-Social Hour, 6:15 PM - 7:15 PM,( American, Persian, Italian, Chinese, Salads, sweets, refreshments and Margaritas ) concert 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Doors open at 6:00 PM.