2022 SYMF and Satori Winners

Congratulations to our SYMF and Satori Winners this year! It takes a village of professionals to organize big events and competitions such as the Satori Music Festival and SYMF. Thanks to the music teachers for their dedications and great visions. All students who competed this year benefited from the chance of live auditions after 2 years of abruptly cancelled events.

Satori Winners
Key - Q (Qualified); O(Open); S(Solo) A(American); B(Baroque); Eg. (OS) - Open Solo
1st Place Winners - Juliana Ren (OB) and Kimberly Zhang (OB)
2nd Place Winners - Jerry Shi (OS) , Avery Tseng (QS) and Benjamin Tseng (OS) Juliana Ren (OA)
3rd Place Winners - Annie Lam (OB), Amberly Koh (OB), Arain Chgao (OB), Kimberly Zhang (OS) and Jacqueline Zhao (OS)
4th Place Winners - Arain Chgao (OS), Annie Lam (OS), and Benjamin Tseng (OS)

SYMF Winners
1st Place Winners - Kimberly Zhang (Qualified Baroque)
2nd Place Winners - Nadya Hitomi (Qualified Baroque) and Amberly Koh (Qualified Baroque)
3rd Place Winners - Juliana Ren (Two Time Winner, Qualified American and Qualified Baroque) and Annie Lam (Two Time Winner, Qualified Chopin and Qualified Baroque)
4th Place Winners - Harvey Chang (Open Baroque)

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