Congratulations to all 9 students did an excellent job on MTAC CM exam

, Administrator

Dear Piano club members :

Congratulations to all 9 students did an excellent job on their CM audition on Feb 22, 2021.

*Jerry Shi : Passed level 6, theory 92%, State Honor Award, sight reading-Excellent, Technic-Excellent and repertories -Excellent.

*Isaiah Lu: Passed Level Advanced, theory 97%, sight reading- Average, Technic - Excellent and repertories - Excellent.

*Benjamin Tseng : Passed level Advanced, State Honor Award, theory 96%, sight reading- Excellent, Technic-Excellent and repertories-Excellent.

Qualifying pieces must be performed within the time limits specified for the applicable Convention Recital program.

• Sight reading and technic must be rated as Good or excellent.

Qualifying pieces must be rated 5- or above by the Evaluator at CM Evaluations that year.

Deadline to submit Convention Recital fees $ 45 by April 15. 2021.

Convention Festival - one recital during July 2-July 5, 2021.

Proud of all CM students did their best on CM 2020-2021 Exams.

Many thanks to all the parents assisted in making all the recordings for students.

All the events required MTAC LA Events waiver form for COVID-19 must be signed by parents.

Welcome young talented Matthew Wang back to Yin Yin Music Studio and Music Club.

Stay safe and keep making beautiful music.

God bless you all