Congratulations to Iris Lu for receiving scholarship to

, Administrator

So proud of Iris Lu ( class of 2021) will pursue her dream and major in music therapy at Biola University Conservatory of music.


Here is Iris Lu's beautiful testimony about Yin Yin Huang :

Yin Yin Huang empowers her students with a positive mindset in creating music. Her passion and dedication to bring music to others and help them grow as an individual has inspired many of her students to be involved in the music career. Not only does she teach piano as a skill you learn, she shows how music can bring joy to others. She does so by bringing students to senior living homes, fundraising for people suffering in the pandemic through music, and bringing her pupils to attend a variety of music events and concerts. In addition, her compassion for her student's mental and physical health can be seen in all aspects. She is not solely a teacher-she is a mentor and role model that guides her pupils to grow as a person and strive for what they are passionate for.

Watching her help others grow, it helped influence my decision in pursuing Music Therapy as a career because I want to help people heal through music too. Although Music Therapy isn't a well-known career yet, I believe that it can empower yourself and others grow and express their emotions. Through everything Yin Yin Huang did for the music world, I realized I didn't want my skill in piano to just be a skill- I wanted it to be a tool to bring joy to others. I want to also raise awareness of the impact that music has in people's lives, just like how Yin Yin Huang has humbly done so for years on end.