H 3 Trio @ Summer Tyzen Hsiao 2020

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So proud of my student and my 2nd generation students.

‎Tyzen Hsiao Foundation‎ to Summer Tyzen Hsiao 2020 夏日蕭泰然 July 14 at 3:21 PM · Bāng Chhun-hong "Desiring Spring Breeze" is a Taiwanese Hokkien song composed by Teng Yu-hsien, a Hakka Taiwanese musician. Tyzen Hsiao arranged for violin and piano The H 3 Trio consists a group of young talented musicians, age from 9-12 years old, Lucas Hong - violinist, Lauren Hsu - cellist and Nadya Hitomi - pianist, they are excited to share this one of the most famous Taiwanese folk song. They are the 3rd generations of Taiwanese - American and the 2nd generations of Japanese - Russian- American, it has shown Tyzen Hsiao’s music are beyond the borders. Many thanks to violin teachers - Min Jung Park and Yuki Mori, cello teacher - Ben Hong and chamber music coaching by Yin Yin Huang. Hope this video will uplift all the Americans during this pandemic time.

They are so thrilled to be part of Summer Tyzen Hsiao 2020, #SummerTyzenHsiao2020

Thank you H 3 Trio violinist Lucas Hong, cellist Lauren Hsu, and pianist Nadya Hitomi for your sharing and inspiration.

And many thanks to violin teachers - Min Jung Park and Yuki Mori, cello teacher - Ben Hong, and chamber music coaching teacher Yin Yin Huang for your guidance for the young musicians.

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SummerTyzenHsiao2020 #2020夏日蕭泰然



https://youtu.be/mAMmkN8wYoU YOUTUBE.COM H 3 piano trio performed Desiring Spring Breeze by Tyzen Hsiao