Jaylin Hsu won AFAF International Competition 2019 Golden Era Romantic Music.

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Dear Piano Club Members :

Congratulations to Jaylin Hsu who just won 3rd place on AFAF’s International Music Competition ”Golden Era of Romantic music 2019″ , he will appear and perform again at Weill recital, Carnegie Hall in the Fall of 2019, he also receive $150 from Acevedo Music & Art Education Foundation for his traveling fees, American Fine Art Music Festival will be granted $200 for Europe tour, music program in Europe.

Congratulations to Leslie Wu who just received Master degree - USC, Pharmacy. Matthew Tso will be graduating soon from Dartmouth University. President of piano club - Michael Law will be attending the Purdue University this Fall. Best of luck to Michael. Gigi Yip will be attending GeorgeTown Medical School in DC in the Fall. We are planning a special Parents and Students' Workshop with our alumni parents and former students about " How To Help the 21 Century Students to be well-balanced and well-rounded students” . May we set up this special workshop on June 30, End- Of- Year Recital on June 30. Pasadena Library. Please reply, thank you.

Reminders :

May 25, Saturday , 4:00 PM, Performance Workshop June 1, Saturday , 2:30 PM. at Pasadena Steinway Galley, Michael Law’s Senior Recital, guest pianist, Benjamin Tseng, please RSVP to Miss. Jean Lee Tseng. June 8, Saturday, Harvey Chang will appear and debut at Weill Recital, Carnegie Hall, have fun with Grieg March of Trolls. June 15, Deadline to submit 4th annual Young Piano contest , parents and students please go to the registration at https://eventregistration.satoricm.net/. registration deadline is June 15th. Late registrations will be charged an additional fee. I will consult with students for the category. June 22, Saturday, 4:00 PM, Performance Workshop, Deadline for End-Of-Year Recital, program chair vice-president of Piano club : Iris Lu e mail : happyiris777@gmail.com June 29, Saturday, Acevedo Music & Art Education Foundation Art Contest “ Music “. Cash awards. June 30, 1:30 PM ,End - of -Year Recital at Pasadena Public Library, Donal Wright Auditorium, 285 E. Walnut St, Pasadena. Award ceremony and Art works display. July 13-14, Saturday, Sunday, Satori Young Pianists Contest at Azusa Pacific University Warren Music Center on Saturday July 13th and Sunday July 14th, 2018. July 20-21, 27-29 SYMF at California State University at Long Beach, Bob Cole Conservatory.

Please observe all the dates and DEADLINE of Festivals carefully, I had so much trouble with SYMF this year, i ended up had to submitted 7 times with 4 checks. Students almost got rejected. It was a nightmare. Please HELP HELP HELP.

Many thanks to our new student : Jerry Shi’s parents Mr. Henry and Ms. Anna Wang for their generosity donation $100 for Acevedo Music & Art Education Foundation.

We will miss Angela Cao, Lillian and Yolanda Wang on this Summer, please keep it up the good theory works and practicing piano in China.

Best regards Yin Yin